Himalayan Quartz Merkabas
Himalayan Quartz Merkabas

Himalayan Quartz Merkabas

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•These Merkaba’s were hand carved from Himalayan Quartz sourced on the India side by a family owned and operated mining and lapidary business.  

•A powerful symbol in Sacred Geometry representing alignment and activation of the heart through balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. 

•The merkaba is believed to offer light protection to ones spirit, and also to their physical body.

•Quartz is considered to be a “master healer” and is used by many as a tool to align all seven of the chakras.

•Try using as a focal point during meditation, or simply place it on a window sill or an altar to remind you of your inner power, and ultimately, your intentions.

•On average these pieces are 4 grams each, size will vary slightly due to their hand carved nature.