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Aquamarine Crystals

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💎Quality Aquamarine acquired directly from the miners during a trip in Pakistan.  


⚒Mine to Market ⚖️


🌍 We at Multi-Faceted Minerals are avid travelers, and strive to bring you high quality products from around the world bought from the source.


👨‍👩‍👧 We are a family owned and operated business and work directly with other family businesses when purchasing our products. 


Ideal for jewelry making, especially wire wrapping! 


Our aqua specimens range from $10-$20 per gram based upon the color and clarity. 


Option 1: $10/gram pieces are less clear. 


Option 2: $20/gram pieces are more clear. 


Weight ranges for this batch are from 1-3.5 grams.

Your piece will be a minimum of the gram weight you select, perhaps slightly larger due to these specimens being uncut and in their raw state.